Serving the Bogardus, Hillside, Ellwood and Nagle area of northern Manhattan.

Minutes of December 18,2013 Meeting

Bogardus/Hillside/Elwood/Nagle Block Association: Dec 18, 2013 Meeting

We planned a larger community meeting to be held at the “Y”. We want this community meeting to attract more people to the block association. We’ll put notices (in Spanish and English) in buildings as well as on the street posts. A Sunday afternoon in late January or early February looks good, if the “Y” allows Sunday meetings. If not, a Tuesday evening might be good also.

The early part of the meeting would be like a large focus group.  On a big newsprint pad, the facilitators (Spanish speaking and English speaking) will list the issues that the attendees find in need of improvement. The attendees would vote on the importance of the issues. Each of the top three issues would be the subject of a brainstorming session, with each attendee choosing the issue he/she wants to discuss. After the 20-25 minutes of brainstorming, each group will report back to the assembly.

Part of the publicity for the community meeting could be leafleting the parents who bring their children to the schools at Bogardus and Elwood. As an example of how important a block association could be, the lack of speed bumps around the schools would be mentioned and how the community board sent a letter to the Department of Transportation but got no speed bump. We could ask the crossing guard if she knows which mothers live immediately around the schools and would be interested in joining us. 

After the community meeting, we should go to Espaillat’s office as the block association. He's running for Congress.  We would present the issues raised at the community meeting.       

Turnout tonight is feeble. The next email should ask what day works for all those who didn't show up tonight.        

Keith wants to write officials in the name of the assn, to DOT and USPS and others. We said yes.          

The guy in charge of the new lot is waiting for city approval to begin operation. Keith says the guy is going to put up cameras that will look up and down the block. There will be a guard/attendant during the day, maybe at night too. We hope that these changes will deter the open-air drug market. A city official told Keith the place is zoned only for a parking lot.  

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