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Our Presentation to the PS 178 Parents Association

Stan and Deborah attended the Jan 16 meeting of the PS 178 Parents Association and made a brief presentation. Deborah explained the basic goals of the Block Association and informed the parents that we planned a meeting to be held in late February or early March. The format of the planned meeting was explained: focus groups to generate ideas on tackling area problems.

The parents spontaneously began talking about area problems and brain-storming solutions. So we know that we were well-received.

We asked for an endorsement of the meeting by the PA. The upshot is that when we have nailed down the details of the meeting (date and time, we assume that it will be at the Y), Deborah will e-mail a flyer to Susan Coots. This flyer will be given to all the students to take home with them.

It looks as if the Block Association and the Parents Association can work together for common goals.


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