Serving the Bogardus, Hillside, Ellwood and Nagle area of northern Manhattan.

Summary of Meeting on May 29, 2014

Sixteen people attended the meeting and came from Bogardus, Hillside, and Ellwood. First we talked about how difficult enforcing the dog poop law is because the police officer or sanitation patrol has to see the incident before issuing a ticket. We also discussed the difficulty of getting the Postal truck drivers to change how they park in the morning and how they drive: the police don't issue them tickets.  Other difficult problems that were raised were the noise-at-night problem and one we haven't discussed before at our meetings: poor phone and Internet service, especially by Time-Warner.

There was wide agreement that the police in the 34th precinct don't do their job, and that is why some problems go unsolved.

A question arose about the block association's priorities. The general answer: to make the lives of the neighborhood residents better by addressing quality-of-life and safety issues.

One good piece of news from a Hillside resident: there will be two speed bumps on Hillside and two on Bogardus. These speed bumps should slow the speeders.

Then we discussed a long-term approach to solving the problems: outreach-and-education. A committee was formed (10 people signed up!!) to go out at tables, talk with people, hand out flyers, and build more community in our little area. This committee will meet within two weeks. Soem good ideas were floated by the attendees: to have visits between building organizations and to invite the supers to our meetings. There are three coops and at least one tenants' organization (maybe more) in our area. Visiting the meetings held by each would increase communication, interaction, and support. The supers surely have information and opinions of value to our association.

Another committee needs more people. It is not as interesting as the outreach-and-education committee but it is very necessary. This is the committee to tackle how the block association should be organized (officers and committee structure) and whether it should incorporate.

So we adjourned, having set up one functioning committee and one that we know is needed but must have more members.


samuel carlisle
on Friday 06 June 2014 01:35 AM
I am very interested in participating in this organization. My schedule has prevented my attendance thus far. Please keep me in the loop.
R Pizzini
on Wednesday 20 August 2014 08:54 PM
We have police in our neighborhood?!?!?! 34th Precinct? I happened to see a cruiser ONCE in the year + that I've been here!
on Monday 18 September 2017 09:57 AM
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